Counselling as a helpful resource has started to become more accepted within UK culture. However, it is often cited in response to tragic events or in describing treatment for individual emotional crisis. These are valid and important ways that therapy can make a positive difference.

What I am noticing is that clients often value the therapeutic space in maintaining or to increase a sense of well-being. There is an appreciation of the confidential arrangement and the opportunity to pause and reflect on various aspects of life alongside an interested, yet professional person. This allows clients to start considering relationships, career and social connection in ways that heighten awareness and deepen understanding of self and others.

Why might this exploration of personal experiences enhance well-being? Well, it can feel good to take some time free from external responsibilities, distraction or perceived expectations to align ourselves with personal views, ideas and values in the presence of a trusted other who is not directly involved in daily life. In speaking aloud what we are noticing and wondering about, we inevitably begin to consciously consider our existence, this can positively influence our choices and emotional regulation. The therapeutic pause in a week, a month or at key times during the year can help us de-clutter our thinking and replenish our minds. It can assist us in forming a personal philosophy and develop self acceptance.

Continuous emotional self- care can often be a low priority for all sorts of reasons. Yet integrating counselling for well-being as part of a health care regime may prevent a sudden crisis. It will certainly open the door to greater self knowledge and reflection, and through this examination of self, it might be that a fuller engagement and appreciation of living may occur.

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